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Indo-German Chamber of Commerce
No.1/ 36183, since 01.03.2002.
Indian Importer-Exporter Code No. 1801000565, since 11.09.2001.
Kashmir Chamber of Commerce
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Carpets & RugsCarpets & Rugs
We manufacture the world famous Kashmir carpets in silk, wool, silk and wool and other combinations. The sizes vary from 1.5 x 1.5 ft to 18 x 24 ft. The fineness or knots per square inch vary from 144 to 1600. Carpets can be made in customer specifications (sizes) and designs.
Sahwls & StolesShawls & Stoles
For people around the world, Kashmir is synonymous with woven shawls. These elegant wrap-around are elegant in design, style and colours. These shawls (also called Cashmere) have a long history and have been patronized by world eminent personalities. The history dates back to 14th century.
Chain StitchChain Stitch
The Chain stitch embroidery is a traditional craft of Kashmir Valley.
Here the master draws the pattern on the cloth by hand. This is then sent to work shop where skilled craftsmen embroider it to convert that design to reality. Various types of materials are used as base as well as for embroidery.
The base can be cotton, wool or silk
Traditional designs are created on woolen or cotton cloth in multi colors with standard widths to be used as curtains or for Tapestry. The designs are mostly floral and dipict animals or birds. The designs thus created are called crewal. We can design curtains, pillow covers, bed sheets, bed spreads and other tapestry items in the same design to match the over all furnishing of a room.
Gifts, Wall Hanging and SilksGifts, Wall Hanging and Silks
Traditional designs are created on silks, wool and cotton in multi colors with customer's specifications. The ebroidery can be either in silk, wool or a combinations of the two. The designs are mostly floral and dipict animals or birds.
We can design curtains to match the over all furnishing of a room.

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